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What Priest Did in Church After Receiving News of River Enziu Bus Accident Disclosed by the Couple

Majority of the people who succumbed to the River Enziu accident were heading to a wedding in Nuu township. The couple that was holding the wedding recounts what happened during the wedding. 

The couple who spoke to the media yesterday for the first time since the accident occurred on Saturday disclosed how they arrived at the Nuu Catholic Mission very early ready to exchange vows in church after being married for five decades. Mr Mutua and Syombua say that the bus that was carrying the church choir, some guests and relatives kept them waiting for long.

Mutua narrated how they waited until 1pm when the priest took quick action and advised those who were already in church to begin the ceremony. 

The couple lost about ten relatives following the accident and could not hide their grief while narrating the encounter. They explained how the ceremony begun but noticed unease among several church members. This made them sense something bad might have happened. The couple also discloses how the priest and the best man kept on interrupting the ceremony to answer numerous phone calls. 

However, the groom and bride were kept in the dark and the priest quickly continued with the ceremony. The priest decided not to tell them about the accident and he quickly continued with the ceremony to make sure that the wedding was not cut short. After the ceremony was over the couple was informed what had happened. 

Mr Mutua tearfully narrated how a few church members consulting in hushed tones. This was before the priest broke the news to them. The 75-year-old Mutua also disclosed how the sad news that the bus carrying the choir members had been swept by the flood water stirred the congregation. 

Mutua says that Father Peter Kilonzo hurried the wedding. Mutua was shocked after he realized that by the time the wedding was over, his best man had already left the church. He had gone to the scene of the accident and that is when they were informed about the sad incident.

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Mutua Syombua


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