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3 Main Reasons Why It Is Hard For Old Souls To Find Love

I have been so hungry for love. Just for once. I wanted to understand what it feels like to be loved to get my fill of it. I wanted to be fed so much love that I can't breathe anymore. Just for once. 

After the human experience, love is the most sought. However, love is the hardest feeling or emotion to find for the old souls. We all know that old soul are wise..they are full of wisdom and maturity. Due to this fact, they desire to love and live authentically. 

Old souls do not look for love that arises due to lack of something or insecurities. They look for genuine love that doesn't cling to anything insecure. Unfortunately, true love is something rare currently, in this era where most people need to fall in love to fill the gap of loneliness. 

Old souls look for genuine relationships. Not toxic relationships, free, binding supportive, and not strangling. Old souls we look for true love, true passion, authenticity, and sincerity in a relationship. We need to connect and bond with a person on all levels. Both emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

So in this article, we shall check out the reasons why old souls struggle mostly to find love...

 1. We as old souls, need authentic and vulnerable love where we can enjoy and celebrate the mutual authenticity and vulnerability of our love. We do not need someone we have the same interest and hobbies with because that is not enough. We need to show up fully and be loved for who we are. 

 2. As old souls, we are healers. Due to this, we attract most people who need our help. With the fact that we offer support and love as much as we can, we know that a good relationship doesn't need a person to be a fixer all the time. This creates an unhealthy relationship. When it comes to love, intimacy and relationship, we are sure to choose someone who is on the said lane as ha and who's eager to take his or her responsibilities. 

 3. Old souls have a greater purpose in life. Due to this fact, old souls will always think deeper and constantly work, toil, and sweat to achieve their dreams. It is not easy for people to pull them apart because they are always hungrier about the life they need in their future. Old souls are always happy when pursuing their passion and purpose in life. Due to this, old souls mostly prefer to meet g someone organically rather than looking for that one special person and this is the reason it is hard for us to find love. 

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