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6 Things You Should Never Forget Everytime You Pray To God

1. Let sin be far from you

Anytime you approach God and through prayers, one thing that has to be at the back of your mind is the fact that our God is a holy God who doesn't tolerate sin. If you have any sin that you are hiding, don't think it can be hidden from God because he knows the heart and its intents. Just make sure you have asked God for forgiveness before asking God for anything. Sin will actually push God away and make your prayer to appear like noise in his presence.

2. Reminding God of his word

This is another thing that you should never forget. God honours his word and does anything in honour of his words. If you need healing, remind God of his Word concerning healing. If it is favour you need, remind God of his Word concerning favour. Any prayer that has been backed up by the word of God is very effective.

3. Avoid making wrong prayers

When you make a wrong prayer, it simply means that you are yet to understand the heart of God over the matter. Wrong prayer is that prayer that is not in line with the word of God. Don't make prayers that are evil because everything that comes out of prayer should show love. For example it is wrong to pray for your enemies to fail or die but rather pray that God will deliver them from their wickedness and give them understanding. Let everything prove that you are a person of love.

4. Cultivate the habit of everyday prayer

Always make prayer your lifestyle and ensure prayer is part and parcel of your lifestyle. Don't just pray when you want God to do something but also pray when you have no need and simply want to worship and thank God.

5. Getting to know what the will of God is over that matter

Getting to understand the will of God over a matter will help you make the right prayer. Understanding the will of God over a matter will help you not to pray for God to give you a job when he wants you to start your own bussiness.Understanding the will of God will help you not to complain about rejections when God wants you to go back to school. Anytime you pray seek to understand the will of God over that particular matter and this will help you make the right and strategic prayer from the point of good understanding.

6. Never forget communal Prayer

Praying as a group is one of most important things you need as an ingredient to your prayers. Praying as a group not only strengthens your spirit man but also empowers your inner being. Even if you are only three or four of you, the prayer that is done as a group of people is actually very powerful.

Hope you have leant one or two things from this article with regard to prayer. Share your thoughts on the comment section below and also don't forget to like and share this article.

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