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Is It Necessary To Close Your Eyes When Praying? See The Spiritual Implication Of Doing That

For believers and by this I don't intend to mean christians or Muslims or any other religion but everyone who believes in the existence of a supreme being prayer is very key.

Even for those who believe in cultic practices, prayer is still very essential and is the means of communication between divinity and humanity. Regardless of whoever the person is believing in, prayer is the only means that communication between man and God.

If you have noticed that everytime people pray they have to close their eyes. Does the bible tell us to close our eyes anytime to pray and is it necessary to close your eyes everytime you pray.

The practice can be dated years back according to diverse sources to be a practice of prisoners of war when they were being taken before a King. They were not supposed to see the King and so they has their eyes closed. Remember in prayers we are also approaching the king of kings and so honour should be given where it is due.

Well, looking at the entire Bible, you may not find anywhere where the bible tells us to close our eyes anytime we pray but that doesn't mean it is not necessary.

While the bible does bit directly handle the matter and even when Jesus was talking about prayers, he never talked of eyes closing but that does not mean it is not necessary. In Matthew 6 Christ tells us that we have to shut ourselves in our inner rooms and shut the door. Jesus emphasized on the importance of disconnecting from the world and avoid destructions. Another way to about destructions is by closing our eyes and so that makes closing of our eyes very important.

So why is it important to close our eyes everytime we pray? Remember prayer is you getting out of the physical world and contacting the spiritual world.

For you to be able to connect with the spiritual realm, you have to shut the physical realm. Closing your eyes is the best way to shut from the physical realm and engage the spiritual realm.

Closing your eyes is an exercise of Faith where you no longer believe in the physical things and so you shut your eyes and then allow your Spiritual eyes to exercise their sight in the spiritual world. When the eyes are closed there are no destructions and one is able to fully concentrate on the things of the spirit.

What are your reasons, why do you think it's necessary for people to close their eyes everytime they pray? We would like to hear your views on the comment section below. Also don't forget to like and also share this article.

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