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How Can I Tell If My Religion Is Superstitious?

Religions of love seek to help people face the fears they already have. Religions of superstition frighten the people first, and then offer a concocted salvation from that fear.

Religions of love humbly share the great questions of life. Religions of superstition teach people to memorize answers to questions they weren’t asking in the first place.

Religions of love can be good neighbors to those outside their faith. Religions of superstition speak a jargon only insiders can understand.

Religions of love seek to produce a better character. Religions of superstition seek only a better fate.

Religions of love seek a common standard that would benefit everyone. In religions of superstition, both church and state assume God is on their side. Without admitting it, they imagine themselves as exceptions to every rule.

Religions of superstition “prove” themselves by tales of ancient and untestable miracles. Religions of love naturally illuminate the world in which we find ourselves today with compassionate insights.

Religions of love initiate us into life. Religions of superstition initiate us only into themselves.

Don't Be a Superstitious Christian


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