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Why Drawing Of Photographs Is Illegal in The Islamic religion And What Happens When One Violates

Among the many religions that exist in the world, Islamic religion happens to be among them. It is the second largest religion in the world after Christianity in terms of number of people.

It is considered to be a religion with many religious rules and going against some of them might land you in deep trouble and so one has to be careful and make sure he or she does not go against the religious forms of practice.

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Among the laws and regulations that is found in the religion is the one that barrs them from drawing photographs of people to be more specific. The practice of avoidance of artistic depictions of people is called Aniconism.

Drawing itself is not illegal but drawing images of people is somewhat believed to encourage idolatry which is a forbidden practice.

As told by Prophet Muhammad, drawing portraits is forbidden and the artist who does that would face torment on the last day. If you have to draw anything in Islam, you would rather draw pictures of trees and only limit yourself to things that are inanimate.

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