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Astrology Divination


What does the Bible say about astrology?

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Many people consider astrology to be a source of intelligent advice, and it is growing in popularity. What does the Bible say about those who seek advice from astrologers and use astrology to guide their lives? It's in the Bible, at Isaiah 47:13-15 in the New International Version. All of the advice you've had has just worn you down. Allow your astrologers, those stargazers who make month-by-month predictions, to step forward and save you from the impending disaster. They're probably like stubble, the fire will consume them. They can't even get away from the fire, each of them continues in his wrong; none of them can save you.

What is Astrology?

The astrologers, sometimes known as Chaldeans, were members of the king's circle of divination-practicing wise men. In the Hebrew language, the word astrology literally means divining the heavens. Divination is the practice of using signs and omens, as well as other supernatural techniques, to predict future events or reveal hidden knowledge. God forbids the practice of paganism divination. Do not practice divination or sorcery, says Leviticus 19:26 NIV in the Bible.

If we need to understand puzzling situations in our lives, we should avoid the folly and wickedness of astrology divination and instead trust on a God in heaven who reveals secrets. We can appeal to God for help in prayer, just as Daniel did. And we have the sure word of His truth in the Bible.

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