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Mysterious Things That Only Take Place In South Korea

Customer can try food in supermarkets

In most of Korean supermarkets, there's unlimited food available for testing. Nobody controls how much food a customer tests before buying or even not buying it.

Churches offer gifts to their parish

Some big churches arrange free visits to dentists and hairstylists for their parish. They have many representatives who actively recruit people and businesses who want to participate. The most popular invitation is the distribution of free wet wipes with a church address on them. Additionally, South Korea has the most visited church in the world with the parish consisting of more than 1 million people a year.

On this country couples wear similar clothes

Every couple in love lets everyone around know that they are together. They do it with the help of similar outfits. A lot of paired clothes and shoes can be found in local shops for young and not so young people who are in love.

There are no trash bins but there's a lot of public toilets

You cannot find any trash bins there because Koreans are very tidy. There are public toilets in each subway station and in each park. The toilets are very clean with separate cabins for disabled people. Women's toilets have special tables for changing diapers.

Teachers are gifted through a cup of coffee or sweets

In Korea, big gifts to teachers or public officials are considered bribes. Parents and children who want to show their gratitude to a teacher usually give sweets or a cup of coffee.

Themed subway cars

There are lots of themed subway cars that are dedicated to certain cartoon characters. Stations are announced with the voices of those characters and their physical embodiments are placed on seats.

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