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Prayer That Will Draw You Near Your God

Lord above,lead me to the direction you want me to be because you are the most high God and so powerful. You know what is best for me. Give me strength in times of trouble and temptations. Rise me up when I fall and help me to rest in your hands. Amen

Lord give me strength in sickness, weakness and tiredness because you always wish me good. Provide food when I lack because I believe you are the provider and the giver of life. You are the Alpha and Omega nothing is impossible before you. Amen

Mighty Lord the father of all who takes care and provides to everyone even the poor, orphans Lord don't leave me alone I can't do without you. This world is full of evil people please Lord scatter every evil plans and consume it by fire that has been directed towards me by my enemies. You God of miracles,the giver,my provider and my everything I thank you God. Amen

Lord fill me with Faith so that I can overcome all the temptations like your son Jesus in the wilderness when he was tempted by the Devil He overcame it. Help me have a strong faith like Job and David in the Bible to face my battles.

God help me if I am living a life against your word please forgive me and give me another chance and show me your direction. Thank you God for answering my prayers. Amen.

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