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Did Jesus Died? What Muslims Believe in Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Hello and welcome back to my channel. In this world, there are different type of religion including Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism among many others.

Well, in Christianity, the Bible tells us that Jesus who is the son of God, was crucified on the cross. He was then killed and then resurrected on the third day and went to heaven and belivers are waiting for his second coming.

What does Muslims believe in death and resurrection of Jesus Crist? Zakir Abdul Karim Naik who is an Indian Islamic televangelist and public orator, has revealed that there are similarities between Christianity and Islam believes on death and resurrection of Jesus.

According to a video that he recently shared on his official Facebook page, Dr Zakir Naik claimed that there is a little difference between Muslims and Christians in resurrection of Jesus.

The difference to him is that, Muslims don't believe that Jesus died. To him, Muslims believe that Jesus Christ was raised by God to heaven alive.

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