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4 Celebrities Who Married Muslim Wives Without Changing Their Religion

Time have changed, gone are the days when peole used to be bound by religion. It is always said that Muslims are not allowed to marry outside their religion especially the girls are not allowed to get married out of their religion.

However the following celebrities have shown us that when it comes to true love, not even a particular belief can stop it. The Muslim religion always expects that if you want to marry their daughter, you have to convert to their religion first. Below are celebrities who.married muslims wives without converting.

1. Jalango

The media personality turned Politician Felix Odwori is married to Amina Chao. His wife is a muslim and he is a christian, however they are happily married and have a family. The couple wedded in a traditional wedding.2. Ben Kitili

Ben Kitili professes the Christian faith while Amina Mude hails from the Muslim religion. Despite of their difference in religious background, they are happily married. However they faced many challenges in their union before but they are a beautiful couple.3. Dr. Kingori

Kingori is the Wicked edition host. He had earlier announced that her wife is a Muslim while he remains to be a Christian. They also agreed that their children will be raised as Christians.4. John Rabar

John Rabar is married Amina Andi. His wife host a show in NTV known as "The Trend" and she also hosts the turn up Maisha Magic East. John and Amina are blessed with 2 children and they have a beautiful family.

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