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“Israeli God Is Redirecting Our Rockets In Mid-Air, We Are Missing” Palestinian Soldiers Claim


Israel has been a country of many wonders since time in memorial including the Biblical times. The Bible has it that Israel is a chosen nation and that God is always protecting them in accordance with His promise to Abraham, Issac and Jacob. The book of Genesis tells us how God said He will curse those who curse His people and bless those who bless them. According to Christianity, God's promises have no time-bound and are therefore eternal.

A Palestinian soldier has left the world in utter shock by his recent remarks about the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine. The soldier said that they failed to understand how the God of Israel is changing the direction of the rockets they have been firing on the Israeli lands. According to the soldier, they were not able to hit their key targets since the rockets seemed to be redirected mid-air.

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The Palestinian soldiers stated that they lack any military or scientific explanation as to how a heavily fired rocket would change its direction in mid-air without being remotely controlled. The war soldiers added that they have been to many wars but this one seemed strange with no valid explanations.

According to today's newspaper headlines from Gaza, they said that the only explanation is that the God of Israel is at work and that is why they missed their key targets as Israel succeed in bombing wherever they targeted.

“Their God redirects the course of our fired rockets in mid-air. There is no other explanation for this strange happening” stated the soldiers.

The reports were also confirmed by BBC News in their top of the hour briefing as they cited the newspaper headlines which has been making rounds on social media platforms. Below is part of the newspaper with the headlines:

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This seemed strange but it is akin to one of God's miraculous ways of saving Israel in the previous wars. There have been reports from their opponents that they witnessed celestial beings in white clothing battling for the Israelites. The Israelites, on the other hand, called the current fighting, which took so many lives, to a standstill on Thursday.

Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu declared the truce yesterday in order to prevent additional loss of lives and properties between the two countries. Palestinians were spotted rejoicing over the news, thanking God for putting a stop to the conflict that had nearly destroyed their lives, properties and land.

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