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Meet the Powerful Black African Pharaoh Who Saved the Kingdom of Israel From Being Sacked by Assyria

Image: Artistic Impression of Taharqa and his armies matching into the Levant to face the Assyrian army.

The Powerful ancient kingdom of Egypt was ruled by Kushite kings of the 25th dynasty. These Kushite kings and queens ruled over the whole of Sudan and Egypt, and asserted their control to the borders of the nation of ancient Israel. The Egyptian kingdom was always at war with other then super powers like the Kingdom of Assyria.

Image: Artistic illustration of Sennacherib.

The most notable of the Kushite Kings who ruled over Kush and Egypt was Taharqa. The powerful Pharaoh left a legacy for the great projects he Instituted. Pharaoh Taharqa is mentioned in the Christian holy book as Tirhaka, who saved the Israelites from an Assyrian invasion. The Bible accounts that the Assyrians under king Sennacherib were afraid of invading the kingdom of ancient Judah when they heard of the news that Taharqa and his armies were matching towards the Levant. King Hezekiah of Judah was thus thankful to King Taharqa for prolonging the Assyrian onslaught on the kingdom of Judah.

Image : A statue of Pharaoh Taharqa.

Taharqa later faced other Assyrian Emperors in wars to come, that saw Assyria Invade the Levant and Egypt, forcing Taharqa to flee South to his homeland of Nubia.

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