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Why Traditional Kikuyu End Their Prayers With The Phrase Thai, Thathaiya Ngai Thai

In today's Mashujaa Day Celebrations that were held in Kirinyaga County, the first prayers were done nby the Agikuyu Traditional elders. They elsders were dressed in the brown cultural attire. In their prayers they kept uttering the phrase, "Thai Thathaiya Ngai Thai," after every petition. Maybe one may ask the meaning of these words and why they are used.

Well, here is the explanation, just like the Christian prayers ends by mentioning the Holy Trinity (the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit), traditional Gikuyu prayers were no different.

According to Gikuyu Centre for Cultural Studies (GCCS) that documents the traditional Kikuyu culture, Kikuyu prayers also had what the centre terms as 'Gikuyu Trinity' which had a deep symbolic meaning.

According Gikuyu culture, therefore, they should end prayers this way; "Na rĪtwa rīa Awa, na rīa Ma iitū na rīa Mwene Nyaga, Thai, Thathaiya Ngai Thai!,” loosely translated to mean; (In the Name of our Father, our Mother and our God, let the Peace Infinite prevail!)," GCCS documents.

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