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How To Know You Are Blessed By God

You are meek

Meek doesn't mean weak. Moses was meek, but not weak. The real jesus was also meek, but He was certain not weak.

A meek person shows patience, humility, and gentleness and even under extreme pressure. You ultimately rely on God to defend yourself against injustice, trusting Him to exact vengeance.

You are poor in spirit

You recognise your spiritual brokenness and nothingness before God. You readily admit your spiritual bankruptcy without Him.

As a result, you feel helpless and powerless to accomplish anything truly good in God's sight, without his divine enabling and help.

You acknowledge your need for God and your dependence upon Him for everything, both physical and spiritual.

You are merciful

You treat people better than they deserve. You have the disposition to be kind and forgiving, being willing to understand and give people the benefit of the doubt.

You treat other people kindly and compassionate, especially those who are under your power or who can't do you any good. You are touched by their sufferings and misfortunes and seek to relieve them.

You are pure in heart

Your heart and motives are pure, and so is your conscience before God. You don't seve God to get brownie points from Him. You don't have ulterior moti es when you serve.

You are a peacemaker

You don't just wait for peace to happen. You actively make peace by being careful with your own words and actions.

You don't take things personally or react violently to the slightest personally or react violently to the slightest irritations and offenses of others.

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