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How To Seek The Answers You Need From God On Time

This article will show you how to pray to get the answers you need on time.

I believe that the only key to victory is effective prayer. You know also that a Christian who doesn't pray is dead spiritually and you can't get anything from God if your spirit is dead. What about doing something different today by changing the way you have been approaching God.

I know that you may have gone through so many challenges in life that needed God to intervene but he did not. Don't blame it on God but rather change some things and get your heavenly father to start giving you the attention.

God has been waiting for you to pray the right prayer. The first thing to do is appreciate him for what he has already done. Is it by chance that you drive through the same road where others get killed in accidents but your life is spared? If you key into this secret, you won't have to ask much in prayer because God will take care of everything in your life before you ask.

Be concerned about what he loves most. Kingdom lovers will always lack nothing. The secret here is putting God's interests first. What is he interested in? God is more interested in seeing his kingdom expand. Be that person who will ask God to release his spirit on earth to save people.

Let him send his spirit where the name of Jesus has not been mentioned yet. Let him help you to win souls for his kingdom. All these are kingdom prayers and God will not allow you to go out of his presence empty-handed. I do it all the time and sometimes I even forget to pray for myself but God makes sure that my needs are met.

Don't be a Christian who only thinks about himself. Have others on your agenda and see what God will do for you.

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