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The Devil Is Trying To Get You And Trap You If You Notice These 6 Things Happening To You

1. When you become prayer less

The first area of your life the devil will attack is you prayer life if he wants to trap you into his trap. Prayer is what keeps the fire of any believer burning.

The moment you begin noticing a lack of interest in prayer, it is a definite sign that the enemy is trying to put a strategy of an attack on you.

2. No interest for the word of God

Another sign that the enemy is planning an attack on you is when it comes to attacking you when it comes to the word. A strong foundation for any Christianity is built on the solid foundation of the word and we can only defeat the devil through the word and not experience.

If you have been a person that has been consistent in the world and you find yourself loosing interest in that. Know that it is the devil a world trying to influence that so that he can easily attack you.

3. Isolating you from fellow believers

This is another strategy the devil uses on any believer no matter how strong they are in faith. Every time we interact with fellow believers, our faith grows and we become encouraged in one way or another.

The enemy knows That it is easy to grow when have faith when around other people that are like minded, when you notice yourself starting to Isolate yourself from any gathering of the saints, it's a sign that the enemy setting an attack on you. Before the devil strikes he will isolate you from others first.

4. Become too busy to attend services of Christian gatherings

We all know the importance of attending church services and that cannot be overemphasized. Some people are however too busy to pray or even attend church services. That is actually a dangerous thing to do. If you find yourself putting your work first and God last, you will definitely set yourself vulnerable for the devil's attack.

5. Dishonour to your spiritual authority

This is another common strategy that shows the devil wants to get you and trap you. Dishonour to your spiritual authority will definitely give the devil the authority to strike you. Anytime you sense you are beginning to loose some sense of respect for your religious leaders be careful because it is a dangerous sign. Strive to be gentle to your spiritual leaders to avoid any attacks from the devil.

6. Loose of sight for spiritual matters

Every Christian understands the spiritual aspect of life is as important as the physical aspect of like and infact far more important. Anytime you sense that your sight for spiritual matters is on the decline, it is a sign of an impending attack from the devil.

When a person looses sight on the spiritual matters, he or she really doesn't care at all about prayer, divine revelations, symbolic dreams and other things related to spirituality. If you notice be careful and be on the watch.

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