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3 That God Is Seeking Your Attention

God loves us so much and He always want us to run to Him whenever we are in in trouble. He usually wants to have a perfect relationship with us. When some Christians are in trouble, they forget about God and go to other people for help instead of Him. In these situations He will be forced to seek our attention. The following are some of the signs that God needs your attention.

1.Feeling of uneasiness.

When God needs your attention, He will make you to feel uneasy. You will feel as if there's something wrong somewhere. This is a clear sign that God needs you to turn to Him. You will not have peace until you do so.

2.Through people.

This is another sign that God will use to show us that He needs your attention. He might communicate to you through people. They can be your family and friends. Even a stranger can tell you something very important that you needed to hear desperately. That is a sign that God is seeking for your attention.

3.Moving out of your comfort zone.

In life every person has once had their comfort zone. But because of some reasons they felt like they don't need to be there anymore. God can come into our lives after we have experienced transition and moved out of our comfort zones. May be He wants to speak to you.

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