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What To Do When God Seems distant

In our day to day life we find ourselves going through challenges as human beings. Everyone of us has find him/herself in a situation where you feel like God has left you. There are times especially like now the coronavirus pandemic has affected us in many ways.

Many people have lost their jobs, business are not doing well and many people have gone to an extent of closing them down. Children need school fees, food and also some people have to pay rent. In such a situation you will conclude that God has left you. What to do when God seems miles away is to continue thanking God and trusting Him. You will ask yourself that how can you keep your eyes on God while they are full of tears? Just do what Job did.

1. By telling God exactly how you feel. Pray and speak to God, tell him everything you are going through. Admit your hopeless situation to God with faith and he will hear you and answer your prayers.

2. Trust God to keep his promises. During such times just rely on the God's promises and not on your own understanding. Believe that he is taking you to another level. Don't be troubled by circumstances because they can not change his character. He is the same yesterday , today and forever.

3. Remember what God has already done for you. His dying on the cross for you already is enough to help you know that nothing is impossible with Him. Jesus gave up everything so that you may have everything. God just allows us to go through some circumstances just to taste our faith. You should never worry about anything but with prayer and supplication let your requests be known to God.

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