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Opinion: If You Want To Be Surprised With A Miracle This New Month Say This Short Prayer

Here is a prayer of hope to receive UNMERITED FAVORS OF GOD this new month of May. REMEMBER, whatever you ask in prayers, believe that you have received and it will be yours forever.

Dear Heavenly Father our Lord Jesus!

I pray this day for the strength, because there are times when things get tough and I feel like quitting. I acknowledge you as my father and conductor of my life.

Lord Jesus, I ask this day for the comforting reassurance of your Love, because there are times when people fail me, and I am tempted to lose hope.

Father in the mighty name of Jesus, I seek this month for your light to guide my steps, because there are times when life is confusing and difficult, and I lose my way.

Help me oh LORD, to pick up the pieces, wipe my tears, face the sun, and start over again, for all is possible when I place my faith and trust in you, my Saving God.

May you open my financial Breakthroughs this month in the name of Jesus Christ. You Know me more than I do and I ask for your special visit to my life this month of May.

I pray this believing in the name of Jesus Christ!


May God open a way for you where there is no way. With him, everything is possible and all our burdens are eased.

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