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Prayer For A Blessing Upon The Life Of Your Children As They Move Out Today (Mark 10:16)

One of the precious gifts that God gives to men is children. Whether it is just one child or many children, it is important to thank God for them. Even Eve acknowledged the marvelous work of God when she gave birth to her first son, Cain (Genesis 4:1). Indeed, when we dedicate our children to God, he blesses them.

One particular instance of Jesus' encounter with children is recorded in Mark 10 where he admonished the disciples to embrace children rather than chase them away like they had done. He went ahead to lay hands on the children and blessed them. As you make this prayer, also lay your hands upon your child/children.

Mark 10:16

[16]And He took them [the children up one by one] in His arms and [fervently invoked a] blessing, placing His hands upon them.

Father in Jesus name we give you glory and honor. We praise you and adore you for the blessing of another day. Thank you Lord for having given us the breath of life and for your protection throughout the night. We are grateful for the blessing you have bestowed upon us. We don't take it for granted and therefore we glorify you.

We also thank you for the children you have blessed us with. My Father, I commit my child (mention the name) into your hands this particular day. As he goes out to play with other children he/she is protected. I declare that your presence shall abide with my children. Just like your word says in Psalm 121:7-8, their going out and coming in shall be safe in Jesus name. You will shield them from all manner of evil.

In school they shall be the head and not the tail. They shall be above and not below. You will give them divine wisdom and the ability to comprehend and internalize whatever they are taught. I declare that nothing shall tamper with the health of my children. No sickness shall come near them in Jesus mighty name. In the same way you proclaimed a blessing upon the children in Mark 10:16, I also declare my child blessed in Jesus name. Thank you Lord for you have done it. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

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