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The Only Country in the World Without A Church

In most countries, there are Christians and those Christians worship in church. Despite Christians being minimal in the world, the United States has the largest Christians population in the world. Also, Armenia is the earliest country in Christianity over 1,700 years ago and it mainly comprises Catholic churches followed by Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism.

If you don't know, buckle up as I take you on a journey to discover this fact.

The answer is Saudi Arabia. This country has no single church or mosque. It has a population of over 35 million people and it's the largest country in the middle east.

There are over 190 countries in the world. With a land size of roughly 2,150,000 km2, this country is the largest sovereign state in West Asia and the second largest in the Arab world after Algeria.

They believe in Prophet Muhammad and Mecca is their principal place of devotion as an Islamic country. Because Mecca is the holiest spot in the country because it is the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad and the Islamic faith, there are at least two to three (2-3) Meccas in each district.

The problem is that, while there are no Christians in the country, there are many Christians in the Arabian state, with over 1 million Roman Catholic members, who do not discriminate. As a result, Christians are welcome in the country but only for work purposes, not for faith and practices in the open, which means that Christians in Saudi Arabia can worship their God from the privacy of their own homes.

That's it; you now know that Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world without a church, at least for the time being, but Christians continue to hope for a church to be built on Saudi land one day.

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