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Reasons Why Your Prayer Life Is Dying

Prayer should be food for your soul. It is should like medication because you should not skip prayers. Here are reasons why your prayer life is dying everyday:

1. Lack of faith. Having doubts in the existence of God will make you uncertain about praying. Be like Moses from the Bible. He accepted to be sent by God despite not seeing Him.

2. Laziness- Don't be the kind of person that keeps postponing prayers. No matter how exhausted you are, always say something to God be you decide to relax.

3. Guilt from previous sins- Don't let the past dictate your future. Mistakes that you did in the past are gone. Be a new person and begin praying. God cares about you no matter what you did previously.

4. Being successful- sometimes we forget where we have been before. When God blesses us, He expects us to be closer to Him than before. Do not be blinded by the things that you have at the moment.

5. Praying because it's a culture- when you talk to God, you ought to mean every word that you say. Your prayers are shallow because you just pray for the sake of praying.

6. Having a part-time God- you can't be a believer of God but still live in sin. You can't afford to risk your spiritual life when there is a full-time devil. You must decide on which path to take.

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Laziness- Moses


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