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"Dowry Makes Women Feel Their Worth." Kiengei Responds Back to Pastor T About Dowry Payment

On NTV's Wicked Edition a few days ago, Pastor T. Mwangi discussed Dowry payments. He claimed that when a man buys a woman from her parents and owns her, the practice of paying dowries amounts to the slave trade. This sparked a divisive online debate that left Kenyans unsure of whether they should maintain their culture or not.

Pastor Ben Kiengei responded to Pastor Mwangi, correcting him and elaborating on why dowry payment is essential. According to him, this is a sensitive topic for discussion because when culture and religion clash, both sides generate heat that affects believers' daily lives and their religious rituals.

Since Jesus Christ was born into a culture that he followed, practiced, and honored from circumcision to census while being a son of God, he declared that he personally loves people's cultures, especially Kikuyu traditions. He continued by saying that culture and religion go hand in hand and are both practiced by born-again Christians and those who follow culture.

Additionally, he claimed that culture molds our behavior from birth and from the way we are raised; it is the culture that instills discipline in us before we set our attention on Christ. His opinion is that dowry payments help the two families become closer and have better connections because they give our ladies a sense of their worth and sense of belonging.

He continued by stating that culture and religion follow the same script since Jesus paid the price for our sins, that his blood is used to atone for them when we repent, but that he did not pay for our cultural practices and customs. To respect their culture, he has consequently asked Kenyans. What are your thoughts on this?

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