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Mixed Reactions As Reverend Bars Politicians From Speaking In His Church

All Saints Cathedral reverend Sammy Wainaina has opined that politicians shouldn't be allowed to speak in church.

Politicians seeking different elective seats in the coming elections have been making a catch in the places of worship.

Wainaina, unlike other leaders if church, has said that he usually doesn't allow demanding politicians to 'corrupt' his congregation.

"I have church members who've been here for so long, pay tithes and support the church yet they don't speak on the pulpit, what has a politician to do with the pulpit?" he paused.

His statement comes after UDA's Rigathi Gachagua used unprintable words while speaking in church at St. Thomas.

A section of Kenyans believe that politicians speaking in church isn't wrong because church members are also voters.

Here are some of the comments.

@Wanjiku Gachagua just gave a story of a middfinger in church na Christians wako sawa.

@Kevin As pastor you need to know your congregations.. politicians thrive on publicity, their office is anywhere they can talk to masses… so as long as you allow them to donate to your church then you must allow them to get the much needed publicity.

@Gachau Very good, now a days politicians are saved even those who don't know the main gate of church but when the election end you'll not see any of them, hongera sana Rev. Sammy.

@Kamau You need to understand that your flock is the voter and information is key. The peace you are enjoying to be able to preach freely is courtesy of good politics.

@Mfalme Politicians should go to church pray worship the lord and hear the sermon go home.

@Dero We know who you are targeting and I've also never seen any politician force himself into the pulpit they get invited to address congregants.

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