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The Exactly Place Where God Dwells in You

The Bible says we are the Temple of God. But the question is, where exactly in our bodies? Jesus was also teaching about the kingdom of God being within, and he said the light of the body is the eyes. Now let's discover today about the kingdom of God which is within our bodies.

The kingdom of God is a spiritual realm over Which God reigns. Our inner or the third eye, has a direct link to spiritual realms. So it is through this part of our bodies which God enters into the body. When your third eye is open, you can be able to know the manner in which God exist as one with us and interconnected everywhere in the entire universe. There is no separation between God and the creation, He dwels in you, and He is within all the time.

Your spiritual eyes is the eye of God in you. He uses this part of our bodies to guide and control our lives. We also use this eye for the purpose of God's vision.

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