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Catholic Church Rejects Arati's Donation Over Violence

More than 200 youths walked to Nyamagwa Catholic church on Tuesday to seek forgiveness from the priest for what they said,made them to defy the church's worship programs.They said that they were given money by Dagorretti MP Simba Arati to work for him."We are sorry we were over excited and forgot that we were in the church."Said Andrew Ombati. Howevever,the aide to the priest, told the anxious youths to go back and await the pending consuktations with the priest and his church advisors.The aide hinted that the church was annoyed with Simba Arati whose donations they had returned to him in protest of his hooliganism in the churchm and disrespect to the church.

photo:Church representatives.

Arati was alleged to have gone beyond his boundaries of political respect.Many residents from Kisii county have said that unless he changes his political advisors,he is likely to miss the Kisii Gubernatorial seat,which he has touted for along time."His character has proved that now he is a youth who needs sometime to mould into an adult who can lead a mature county line Kisii county "Remarked Julius

The residents told Arati that they were not against his political ambitions but added that it was his tarting character that had portrayed him below the balance of leadership expectations."Leadeship is not about physical war but but a aware of diplomacy and wits."Advised Bishop Okemwa Mairura in another church Okemwa.

Now it remains on Simba Arati to either confess to the church to start a new political life or to continue with his style of aggreessiveness then continue to attract public wrath.What is your observation on this matter?

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