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The Rise Of Charismatic Witchcraft

  Charismatic witchcraft is something that is happening in our churches today but many believers are too blind to see. Its destroying churches because the people involved mostly think whatever they are doing is Godly. They have clear conscience in their dealings because they have no idea of what they are doing.

  Charismatic witchcraft can sometimes be because of jealousy of others spiritual gifts. Generally witchcraft as we all know that witchcraft is counterfeit spiritual authority. It is using a spirit other than the Holy spirit to dominate, manipulate or control others.

  So Charismatic witchcraft simply means witchcraft in church which is hard to recognise amongst brethren. This where someone people in church believe they are more righteous or better than others to an extent of not obeying those that are authority.

   They start dominating the church and nothing can be done without their consent because they believe the people in leadership are wrong. 

  When a person prays a negative prayer apon their enemies to die, get sick and it comes to pass. Many believe its God who has fulfilled their prays. The fact is when you pray a harmful prayer apon your enemy, the devil fulfils it and your left thinking God has answered you. 

   Some hold a Sunday service and curse those that are against them. This is witchcraft in the church but to those being involved, it looks Godly. Some calls it spiritual warfare, which is true but it's a form of witchcraft.

   This is a pseudo-spirituality used to gain influence or control by wearing a super-spiritual masks. This is a source of false prophecies, dreams and visions which ultimately destroy or neutralise a church to bring the church where they overreact so as to despise prophecy altogether.

  Those using this form of witchcraft will almost think they have a mind of the lord and therefore conclud that the leadership are the in rebellion.

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