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Four Ways To Pray Right And Get Answers From God

Come to God with all your heart. Ensure to ask with a right heart, your life is in the right standing with God. When there is sin, your prayers will be blocked.

This will prevent you from receiving what you are praying for.

Make sure that it is the will of God. It has to be in line with what God wants for your life. Your confession follows as per what the Word of God says.

Some scriptures will back you up with your request. Write it down and speak as it is written. When you agree with God, your prayers will be answered.

Believe with all your heart. You should not doubt and you will be able to stand with anything that comes your way.

It may take time but you have to stand until you see that prayer answered. The process is not yours to worry about because God is in control.

Having faith and trusting in God. This will ensure that God will reward you openly. Whatever you are looking for is there.

God wants you to ask and you will receive his provision. God is going to fulfill what He has promised.

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