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Grand Mulla Lectures Sakaja Johnson After He Said He Will Not Close Churches In Residential Areas

Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi has reacted through his official twitter page hours after Nairobi Governor Sakaja Johnson said he will not close down Churches making loud noises in residential areas.

"If we obey the law we will not disagree. Obeying/enforcing the law is not discretionary". He said.

According to Grand Mulla Governor Sakaja Johnson should enforce the law on both Churches and clubs.

"No one has power to break, overlook or override the law. that is why MY Governor Sakaja Johnson is breaking the law in saying he will not enforce the law on noise pollution against churches". He added.

Should Sakaja enforce the law against noice pollution by mosques? When religion is at center, caution is exercised.

Do you support Ahmednasir Abdullahi's opinion asking the governor Sakaja Johnson to enforce the law on both clubs and churches and mosques in Residential areas?

You can follow this link for more information for yourself;

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