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Dreams That Reveals Prosperity In Ones Life.

Dreaming is one of how one knows about the spiritual realm which shows what will happen in real life. These dreams show that one will be successful in life.

1.Rainfall in the dream.

If you have been dreaming about rainfall, this is a good dream which assures one about prosperity. Rainfall gives life and rejuvenation. This shows that you will have a new beginning that will be prosperous.

2.A lot of fish in the dream.

Many have found themselves dreaming near a river and they can see the presence of fish. This is a good dream that assures great opportunities and prosperity in life.

3.Giving out.

Giving out is an act of generosity and one gives because he /she has anything to give. This shows that you will be successful and you will be used to change the lives of many.

4.Collecting fruits or eggs. 

If you have been dreaming of collecting eggs or fruits, this is a good dream. This shows abundance in one's life.

5.Praying in the dream.

Praying in the dream shows a good relationship with the maker and this will help you to win the battle, fight evils and get a blessing from the maker. This shows prosperity in the future.

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