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Do I Have To Convert To Islam If I Want To Marry A Muslim Woman? This Is What The Quran Says

In Islam, the general rule has always been that muslim men and women should not marry men and women who are not muslims. However, muslim men have been excepted, under certain circumstances to marry women who are not muslims. The women here must be a Christian or a Jewish woman. Muslim women are not allowed to marry non muslim men unless the men convert to Islam.

In the Quran, Al-Baqarah:221, Allah says that muslims should not marry (their girls) to idolaters until they believe. This verse means that a christian man, or a jewish man, must convert to Islam if they want to marry a muslim woman. Islam believe that marriage aims at establishing a home that keeps the Islamic morals and faith. So marrying their women to non muslim men who refuse to convert would put the Islamic faith of their women into great risk.

In Islam, they believe that a man in the family is the head. They believe that when a muslim man marries a non muslim woman, it is because of the man's (husband) respect for the woman's (wife) belief. And because Islam safeguards the freedom of belief of a muslim man's wife who is not a muslim, they wouldn't want to marry their women to non muslim men whom they feel their women's Islamic rights and freedom of belief would not be honored.

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