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The Difference Between Peter and Judas in The Bible.

There is a difference, a big one to be precise between Peter and Judas who were both disciples of Jesus Christ. Both betrayed Jesus but let me tell you this, they were not the same.

Peter's betrayal was because he was having a bad day, but Judas betrayed Jesus because he had a bad heart. That the difference between the two.

According to this story one can choose to forgive Peter but also you must let Judas go. There are people who hurt you because they were going through a difficult season, but we also have those people whose hearts are always evil towards you, their betrayal is always ment to bury you. I would advise you it's good to know them in advance and let them go forever.

Jesus says that we should love our neighbors just as we love ourselves, but this doesn't imply that we are to keep enemies us our friends. Keep in mind that the presence of enemies doesn't stop God from preparing a table before you. We serve a God who makes us to rule in the midst of evil minds.... Amen.

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