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Sunday Night Prayer and Bible Verses

Oh,Lord,l thank you for your goodness and protection over my life and that of my family. I come against anything that will bring sadness to me and my family members before the day breaks in Jesus name.

Dear God,let your pillar of fire guide me this night shielding me from every evil of darkness in Jesus name. Every satanic nightmarebor evil dreams is put to stop this night in Jesus name.

I rebuke every pestilence that roams in darkness in the name of Jesus. From this night,release overflowing blessings that will be more than enough for this family in Jesus name.

Every evil movement of witches and wizard against any member of my family is cancelled by firr in Jesus name. Father,deliever me and my household from any sin of the night in Jesus.

Whoever and whatever that is claiming to be a king in my life this night except the Kings of kings shall receive the fire of Holy Ghost in Jesus name.

Oh Lord,open my eyes to see fresh revelation tonight as l sleep in Jesus name. I release the fire of the Holy Ghost against any activity of witches and wizards in my house thid night's l declare that l shall dream dreams of great tonight on my bed this in Jesus name.

I decree that my territory is a no go area to all growling spiritual dogs that roam cities at night in Jesus name.

Let your angels of protection keep watch overbthis house tonight in Jesus name. I decree that all spiritual roaring lions and evening wolves.that devours at night sha5be ambushed bynthe hosts of heaven and destroyed in Jesus Name.

Father let everyone called sick in this family tonight wake up healthy in Jesus name. We invite Jesus Christ to our homes to abide with us tonight. Father,l rebuke every spirit of fear,associated with the night in Jesus name,Amen.

•Tonight Bible Verses ;

1•Luke 6:12_And it came to pass in thise days,that he went out into a mountain to pray,and continued all night in prayer to God.

2•Philippians 4:13_I can do all things through him who gives me strength.

3•James 2:17_Every good and perfect gift is from above,coming down friends the father of the heavenly lights,who does not change like shifting shadows.

Relaxing Bed rituals contribute to a good night's sleep. Scrilture reading,prayer and quite meditation is a perfect wsy to ensure your body and mind are prepared for slumber.Thanks for praying with me.Please do comment,like and share to uplift someone tonight.

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