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God’s Word For You Today: Humble Yourself Before The Lord And He Shall Lift You At His Own Good Time

Today's scripture

NIV, 1 Peter 5:6

Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.

Today’s message.

We should always know that God’s time is always the best, many people around the world always wants themselves to be lifted up in all aspects of life because they feel it is their rights to be on top of everything, but they don’t know how the lifting procedures comes about.

Being humble before the Lord is the key to being lifted up in the time when you feel that you are down, especially when you have a low position in your place of work, because many people think that it is their own physical strength that will lift them up. The Lord always look in the hearts of the people when he wants to lift them up, if you have a humble heart, then then Lord will look for a good time to give favour.

Jesus was a very person during the years that he stayed here on the earth as a human being, because it he knew that this was the best way to please his father who was in heaven. He achieved this by being humble through his suffering and even to the point of his death, in the end he was highly lifted up to be the Lord of Lords and the king of kings, he was given all powers and authority in heaven.

David was also a humble person at the time when the Lord saw him looking after his father’s flock in the bush, before he was man of good heart and a God fearing person. Later we all know how God lifted him from being a flock Shepherd to being Israelite’s shepherds, the Lord honored him by making him a king.

So let us all learn today that we should always humble ourselves wherever we are, because God will definitely lift us at his own good time. He is always a faithful God.

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