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3 Things Pastors Do on the Altar that Are Detestable in the Eyes of God

The altar of God is holy. Photo|Courtesy

There are some things pastors do on the altar that are detestable in the eyes of God. These are things that a serious Christian will be able to identify and make a wise decision. There are some things which are forbidden in the bible but they do them. This means, one can read the bible but without the help of the Holy spirit, he will not understand. The bible says the house of the Lord is holy and therefore, holy acts of the saints are expected in the house of the Lord. The following are things Pastors do that are detestable in the eyes of God;

Staging Fake miracles.

These include hiring some people to fake illness or certain incurable conditions. After the pastor prays, a miracle of healing will happen. These are called stage managed miracles that has not happened with the help of the Holy spirit. God hates false hood in the church and therefore a serious Christian will be able to identify this. A true miracle comes from God the Father who performs it through his servants.

Boasting about their wealth.

Preachers will spend almost an entire service describing how their holiday was. They will barely finish preaching before they mention how they flew to a certain country to pray for the sick. They will boast about the kind of a car they own and other properties. They forget that in the congregation, there is widows and orphans who have got nothing to eat and nowhere to sleep. This is the kind of pride that is detestable in the house of the Lord.

Demanding for the exorbitant price of the healing anointing.

There are pastors who sell anointing oil in their churches. They will comfortably call upon the congregants to pay for the healing service. If one does not afford the price then he or she will not receive his miracle. The bible says Jesus paid it all on the cross. The healing should be totally free of charge since it only entails a simple prayer that one can offer right from his/her bedroom. Healing and giving are two different things and therefore they do not depend on one another. The lunatic who does not give can receive his healing from the streets.

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