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Pastor T Mwangi Apologizes To Rise Muhando Saying He Didn't Intend To Hurt Her

Some days ago pastor T Mwangi posted a video on his YouTube channel preaching about the kingdom of darkness and the power of God's spirit. According to pastor T.Mwangi he gave an example of Rose Muhando in his preaching saying that she signed a deal with Sony records after starting a music revival in Tanzania which was from the power of darkness and it silenced her. He continued and said that she has tried all the best to come back to the gospel with all kind of deliverances but all has turned in vain.

Rose muhando replied on the video cursing pastor T. Mwangi for the bitter words he said against her. She said that pastor T. Mwangi should be cursed for he has spoken very ill of her.

After two day of rose Muhando words cursing pastor T Mwangi, Mwangi has come out seeking forgiveness from her saying he didn't intend to hurt her in any way. Pastor T has recorded a voice note sending to rose Muhando saying that he is praying that it will reach her so that she can have a place in her heart to forgive him.

Pastor Mwangi said that he has no authority to judge or criticize anyone's ministry since he didn't call anybody in the ministry but God did and he is the one who should judge. He added and said that they had a good relationship with rose Muhando when he was working at KBC channel and therefore this video should not make them enemies.

Pastor T has urged those sharing the video to delete it and stop sharing for the better of the ministry. He has concluded by seeking forgiveness from rose Muhando followers saying he didn't intend to hurt them also.

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