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The Only Country in The World Without a Single Church

Have you ever wondered if it is possible that with the popularity of Christianity and it's mass number of members, if there can be a country that has no single church talk more of churches?In this article we will discuss the only country in the world where there's no single church.

We have over 190 countries on earth, could there now be any country, without a single church in it? Yes, there is! And the country is “Saudi Arabia”.

Saudi Arabia is considered the largest state in Western Asia and the second largest amongst all Arab countries after Algeria with a geographical area covering approximately 2,150,000 km per square.

The country is dominated by Muslims who believe in prophet Muhammad as their saviour. The center of worship is Mecca where Muslims from all over the world come together once every year to worship.

The country has over one million Catholics but they are not allowed to congregate together and worship God, they are can only do so at the comfort of their homes.I surely hope this will change one day.

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