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Why You Should Not Waste Time Praying Against Your Enemies

Haven't you observed that in our desire, hunger, and anger to fire our enemies, we sometimes forget to pray for them as Christ instructed us to do, and we even forget to pray for ourselves, friends, and families because we want the fire to consume all those who don't agree with us.

Our Churches have been taken over by people who call down fire on their enemies, even as they command the Holy Ghost to burn up and finish their enemies. These days, men of God thrive by instilling a silent hatred for our enemies into our hearts, and they silently make us forget that we are to pray for, not against those who hate us. Go to our crusade grounds, they are filled with men and women shouting "Holy Ghost fire, Holy Ghost fire.

While I am not against praying in a radical and charismatic manner, (which I do sometimes), I am against commanding God's Spirit and making ridicule of His power to save, not destroy men and women. Don't let your anger for your enemies make you forget to pray for yourself; that is foolishness.

The Bible has plenty of reasons to admonish us to leave vengeance for God (Rom. 12:19) because God knows how to handle those who wish us ill and who plot to make us fall. God is not a man, those who want us down, won't go down because we shouted all night, or called down fire on them.

If God destroys all our enemies, before whom will He prepare that banquet for us? Jesus himself prayed that his father would forgive those who nailed him to the Cross. He didn't rain down fire from heaven on them, neither did he pray that they all die in fatal accidents someday.

Don't forget that you are someone's enemy too, and if all of us is to pray for the death of our enemies, then someday, we all will drop dead. While I don't support them for trying to end you and your career, I also wish to tell you that God is not blind; hand it over to God and pray more for your life, business, children, future, health, family, friends, and even for those enemies.


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