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Powerful Bible Verse Why You Should Not Harm Any Animal

In simple sense, us humans beings believe we are more important than the rest of the creation but before God's eyes, we are all equal, animals and humans alike. The book of Ecclesiastes tells more why we should not look upon animals or insects as not important than us. God's work remain unknown to a man. No one knows where the spirit goes after we die. Here is the Verse

Ecclesiastes 3:18-22.

" I concluded that God is testing us, to show us that we are no better than animals. After all the same fate awaits us humans and animals alike. One dies just like the other. They are both the same kind of creature. Human being is no better off than an animal because life has no meaning for either. They are both going to the same place—the dust. They both came from it, they will go back to it. How can anyone be sure that the human spirit goes upwards while animal's spirit goes down into the ground? So, I realized then that the best thing we can do is to enjoy what we have worked for. There is nothing else we can do. There is no way for us to know what will happen after we die."

The Bible is clear that we don't have to judge animals because the same fate is waiting us both alike. We don't understand God's work and therefore, enjoy what you have worked without looking upon animals.

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