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True Happiness Is In God's Wisdom Not Wealth

The ultimate goal in life for many Christians is seeking happiness where possible, unfortunately, that is not the case most of the time. Sometimes the pursuit of happiness can lead us to destructive behaviors, in order to understand what true happiness is we should emulate the messianic example set by Jesus Christ. In a world full of pleasures and treasure we may confuse happiness with having a lot of money, fame, or power as true happiness but the Lord teaches us an easy way.

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Solomon is a good example of what seeking happiness entails. His story is well known but let me start from where he is speaking with God. As a descendant of god and a new KIng of Israel, God asked him to name what he wanted and he will bless him with it. Solomon could have asked for anything and it would be given to him in an instant, but his choice was clear, "Bless me with wisdom".He asked for the wisdom of the Lord to rule over Israel. In the end, God blessed him with riches beyond compare and was the richest King of Israel. He is also remembered as the wisest King in the bible.

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In our daily lives when confronted with a hard life, the first option for many Christians is to quickly make a wish. Many wish for a lot of money in order to take away their problems. But is the real problem money? Do the rich not have problems of their own? Instead of asking for short-lived pleasure of the world ask for the wisdom of the Lord.

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When you ask for the wisdom of the Lord all other things will be added to you abundantly. Mathew 6:33 but seek ye first the kingdom of the Lord and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. Thank you for reading, share and follow for more.

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