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Things You Need To Do For You To Rise In Authority

Most people believe they can pray for authority, this is an error. You can pray for power but you can never pray for authority. Authority is a product of time and battles you have won in service. No wonder we see alot of MoG who exercise power but have no authority. What are the things you do to rise in AUTHORITY?

1. HONOR: Always honor those whom God has given to be your leaders. Honor is unconditional. Never trade honor with anything else.

2. Serve diligently at the place God has allowed you to be. Give yourself 100% to service. This is without a condition, whether they are treating you good or bad.

3. Sacrifice your vision for the sake of the vision of your master. The scripture says, who can trust you with your own when you have failed to manage someone's. As long as you are under the command of someone. Always follow his directive. Keep your opinion to yourself.

4. Always aim to learn. Learn from both good and bad situations because when you have risen in authority you will have people under you and through learning you will avoid the mistakes that your master made and improve on the good decisions he made.

5. Lastly for now, aim at glorifying your Master always. Never take glory for yourself. Always make sure that your master looks brilliant and wise both within and outside your circle. The best master in that field should always be your master.

Remember we don't Pray for Authority we earn the ranks through what we do in service.

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