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Top 10 Longest Serving Popes in the History of Catholic Church (Photos)

Each of these Popes held the title for more than two decades. 

10. Pope Leo I 

He was from Italy. He persuaded Attila the Hun not to attack Italy. He is known for his Tome on western Christology. 

He served as a pipe from 440-461 AD, reigning for 21 years, one month, and 13 days. 

9. Pope Sylvester 1

He was from Italy and was known for having cured Constantine the emperor of a disease. He reigned for 21 years, 11 months, and one day from 314-3 35 AD. 

8. Pope Alexander III

He was contested by an antipope but prevailed. He served for 21 years, 11 months, and 24 days from 1159-1181. 

7. Pope Pius VII 

He was from Italy. Pope Pius was one of the candidates for sainthood. He is known for his levitational miracles while celebrating mass. He reigned for 23 years, five months, and seven days from 1800-1823. 

6. Pope Adrian I 

He was the son of a Roman noble from Rome. He was Pope from 772-795 AD, serving for 23 years, ten months, and 25 days. 

5. Pope Pius VI 

He reigned during the terrible years of the French Revolution and was from Italy. He was at the top position for 24 years, six months, and 15 days from 1775-1799. 

4. Pope Leo III 

He was the oldest Pope and came from Italy. He reigned for 25 years, five months, and one day from 1878-1903. 

3. Pope John Paul II 

He was from Poland. He got elected after the short 33-days reign of Pope John Paul I in 1978. He reigned for 26 years, five months, and 18 days from 1978-2005. 

2. Pope Pius IX 

 He was from Italy. He was the last Pope who held temporal powers. He was proclaimed a saint in 2000. He reigned for 31 years, seven months, and 23 days from 1846-1878. 

1. Saint Peter 

He was the first pope and the leader of the Apostles. He came from Bethsaida, Galilee. He was the founder of the church of Antioch. He reigned for 37 years from 30-67 AD. 

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