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My Fellow Pastors Accused Me Of Devil Worshiping After A Church Member Was Killed On His way Home

Reverend Ayub has revealed how his fellow pastors who never liked his progress Falsely accused him of devil Worshiping after one of his church members was attacked by thugs on his way home from a night Kesha.

According to him he was born into a family that ties turbans and was a church member until he completed his studies. He later got married and his passion to became a pastor came to pass.

He was later appointed as a bishop and was transferred to Nyeri where he used to preach. In his church, he allowed everyone to attend the sermon.

According to him, some of his fellow pastors didn't like the idea of allowing people without turbans in the church. He also used to socialize a lot with them. one day he organized a night Kesha in the church where he welcomed everybody to attend.

The Kesha was supposed to finish at 5 am. One of the church members left at 3 am. On his way home he met his death after he was attacked by thugs. His fellow pastors accused him of devil Worshiping.

They claimed that he was the one who sacrificed the man to gain more followers. He has forgiven them despite them turning his name.

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