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The Real Name of God That You Must Use in Prayer

There are thousands of names which are used by different people around the World when referring to God.

The cricture says; whatsoever you ask in my name and believe you have recieved, shall be added to you. You must have been wondering what exactly name can I use to ask God. Majority of the people are using the name of Jesus to ask, but that is not true at all. We only have to believe through the name of Jesus Christ ( Christ conciousness). To understand the real name of God, we have to trace back the call or Moses.

God appeared to Moses in a burning bush. He referred Himself as "I Am Who I Am." So the exactly name of God is I am. When praying use this name and God will answer your prayers. Instead of saying, I want something, simply use I am....then insert that particular thing you are asking for. For example, when praying for money, simply say I am money. That is the law that governs the entire creation. You need to identify yourself with what you want.

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