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5 Countries In The World Where Celebration Of Christmas Is Illegal & Totally Banned And Why

Many people around the world observe the Christmas holiday in a wide variety of ways.

However, you might not be aware that there are nations where Christmas is not celebrated for various reasons. These are the countries on earth that have outlawed Christmas:

Priority No. 1: North Korea

Because it is unlawful to be a Christian in North Korea, all Christian holidays and observances are also banned there. So, unless people celebrate Christmas in secret, it's completely inappropriate for them to do so on the basis of their religious beliefs.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Number Two

The Saudi Arabian government strictly prohibits the holding of any Christian meetings. The fact that Christians tend to get together on Christmas Day makes it difficult for anyone to observe the holiday. Christians are allowed to hold private festivities, but they encounter such strong resistance that even these are difficult. Crown Prince Salman of Saudi Arabia is at the helm of the country.

Country #3: Somalia

After the country adopted Sharia law as part of its legal system and declared itself an Islamic state, Christmas was outlawed. A ban on Christmas was enacted in 2015, six years after Sharia law was implemented in the country. The government regularly broadcasts reminders to the public that Christmas is unlawful, which people are expected to pay attention to.

4 - Tajikistan

A decree issued in 2015 forbade the public display of Christmas decorations. Everything associated with celebrating the holiday, including fireworks, special meals, Christmas trees, and gifts, was outlawed. In Tajikistan, celebrating Christmas is illegal.

Country #5: Brunei

When it comes to Christmas, Brunei's rules are among the strictest in the world. A $20,000 fine or 5 years in prison awaits those who are discovered celebrating Christmas in violation of the law.

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