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3 Clear Signs That God Wants Your Attention

We are God's children and He loves us the same way our parents love us. He is able to correct us whenever we are doing something wrong. God also needs our attention and He uses different signs to make us realize that He needs us to listen to Him. As a Christian you should know when God is needing your attention so that you don't miss the good things that He wants to tell you. Today I'm going to talk about some of the signs that God is trying to get your attention.

1.You will feel uneasy.

This is one of the signs that God needs your attention. You will feel uneasy whenever you want to do something. For example if you want to do something and you feel as if it's not the right thing to do. That is a clear sign that God is seeking for your attention. Never ignore these feeling since God might be talking to you indirectly.

2.You feel as if a certain sermon/verse is meant for you.

Here is another sign that God is in need of your attention. You will feel as if a certain verse is talking about you. That shows that God is trying to pass a certain message to you. You can go to church and feel as if a particular sermon is meant for you. Never ignore those signs instead start doing the right thing. Because that's a clear sign that God wants you to change your ways.

3.Your friends confronts you with the truth.

God might also use your friends to show you that you should pay attention to Him. You will notice that if you are doing anything wrong, your friends will tell you the truth no matter how bad you are going to feel. He might send you a friend so that he/she can make you to do the right things and discover that God is the greatest of all.

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