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Halal Meat: What Does it Mean?

In the Islamic Religion, some foods are considered to be halal while others are considered to be haram. Halal foods meaning that these type of food cling to the Islamic laws while haram foods meaning that these foods are forbidden by the Islamic laws.

One of the foods that Islamic laws consider haram is meat from any animal that has been slaughtered by people of the book. People of the book in Islam are either Jews or Christians. Muslims are also not allowed to eat meat from an animal that has drowned in water, an animal that has died from electrocution and an animal that has been killed by strangling. These are some of the foods considered to be haram in Islam. It will be a sin if a muslim ate any of these meat.

According to the Quran, the name of their God Allah must be mentioned over any animal that is being slaughtered for meat. Any person slaughtering an animal should say the word Bismillah (in the name of Allah) before slitting the throat of the animal. If any other name is mentioned, the whole meat will be declared to be haram. A short prayer called the Tasmiyah (In the name of God, the most Gracious, the most Merciful) is then said to call on the name of Allah. That is the Islamic law on slaughtering animals for meat.

After saying this short prayer, the Islamic laws guide that when slaughtering the animal, you should cut the throat and food pipe and let the blood to flow first. These laws are different from what other religions believe. Christians don't have to mention the name of their God while slaughtering an animal for meat. Christians are not limited to cutting the throat and oesophagus to let the blood flow first. So if a christian slaughters an animal for meat, muslims will consider that meat haram because it has not followed the Islamic laws on meat.

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