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Unique Biblical Baby Names For Your Baby Boy With Meanings

Are you looking for a biblical name for your baby boy? This article is for you. Here are 20 unique names for baby boy with meaning.

1) Malachi - This name is derived from the book of Malachi in the old testament. It means messager of Jehovah who was sent to spread the word to tue world.

2) Nemuel - Nemuel was a son of Eliab and a brother of Dathan and Abiram as seen in Numbers 26:9. it means God is spreading

3) Edrei - Edrei was one of the two capital cities of bashan in Manasseh, Jordan. It means very great mass

4) Eliakim - Eliakim was as on of Hilkiah and a finance minister for king Hezekiah of Judah. It means God is setting up

5) Rosh - This name is found in Ezekiel 40:1. It means the beginning

6) Uriel - It means God is my light

7) Theo - It means God has heard

8) Alpheus - It means successors

9) Chariton - It means grace

10) Evander - It means good man

11) Bethuel - meaning dweller in God

12) Ethan meaning ancient

13) Ariston meaning the best

14) Azarios meaning God's help

15) Sachiel meaning Angel of water

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