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Reason Why Jehovah's Witness Church Do Not Allow Blood Transfusion And Serving Politically

It is common knowledge that Jehovah's Witnesses engage in door-to-door proselytism, and one of the fundamental tenets of their religion is that its followers must not have blood transfusions. In addition, members of the church are forbidden from participating in any kind of political activity, including working for a political party or seeking public office.

They say in the watchtower publications that it is contrary to the biblical principles to donate blood to a sick person so that the body of the sick person can be maintained even in situations where the patient's life is in danger. This is one of the issues that led to the decision to prohibit its use in countries such as Russia. They argue that because blood contains life, it is sacred and should not be shared with other people (Acts 15:20).

They strongly discourage their children from enrolling in nursing school or any other medical program due to the risk of having to perform a blood transfusion to save the life of a patient.

Their conviction that they are citizens of the heavenly Kingdom disqualifies them from taking part in political processes like voting, seeking public office, or working for the government in any capacity. According to the teachings of JW.ORG, its members should prioritize the advancement of God's kingdom above all other pursuits, including participation in the societies of this world. The individuals who are looking for the Kingdom do not celebrate holidays, birthdays, Good Friday, Easter, or other similar occasions.


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